If I have a previous illness, am I eligible for life insurance


According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), almost 50% of adults 65 years of age or older have a pre-existing health condition or illness. Some people have minor or more manageable problems, while others may suffer from debilitating conditions that adversely affect their quality of life.

There are several factors that affect life insurance. From your age and health to how well you manage the condition (if any). In addition, policies regarding life insurance vary from company to company. If you have a certain disease and want to know if you are eligible for life insurance, please read on!

Eligibility for life insurance

The answer is yes. People diagnosed with health problems are eligible to apply for life insurance. Many insurance companies provide services to people who suffer from minor diseases such as allergies or eczema, severe heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. The fact is that people with illnesses can and do get approval for life insurance.

In most cases, the insurance policies for the sick and the non-sick are similar. Unless your illness is terminally ill or significantly affects your life expectancy, you can get the same insurance policy as a healthy person.

Medical conditions and their impact on life insurance

The two key factors that your life insurance relies on are your health and age. This is common sense. Statistically speaking, if you are young and do not have any diseases, you should live longer. On average, if you have a pre-existing illness, your life insurance premiums are expected to increase by 8-10% each year.

How to improve the insurability of patients with existing diseases

Consult your financial advisor and will tell you that you can follow some specific tips to get the insurance plan you want and get a lower premium. In the following paragraphs, we will tell you how to lower your monthly premiums and qualify for a great life insurance policy. let's start!

Follow your treatment plan

If your insurance company determines that you have been following your treatment plan regularly; they have reason to believe that your condition and life expectancy may improve in the next few years.


People who have a medical history but exercise regularly may be healthier than those without a medical history.

lose weight

Obesity is an important deterrent for insurance companies because it is the root cause of many diseases. Losing weight can help you get a better insurance plan and lower premiums.


Although people with medical conditions are eligible for life insurance, the plans they may be eligible for may have higher premiums. But by eating healthy, exercising, and sticking to a treatment plan, you can reduce a significant portion of your monthly payment!