How to file a claim for your stolen car


Suppose you go back to your parking spot and find that your car is not where it should be, and it may have been stolen. This situation usually only appears in our dreams, but it is the real part of driving a car.

This will involve a lot of trouble, but if you have comprehensive insurance, the insurance company is likely to reimburse your car expenses in case the police cannot recover it.

So, how to make a claim for a stolen vehicle? Let us find out.

1. Call your insurance company immediately

After you file a police report, the next logical step is to call your insurance company immediately. Doing so will help you file a claim as quickly as possible so that you can get paid if the police do not recover your car. If your car insurance policy has comprehensive coverage, all of these apply.

On the other hand, even if you do not have comprehensive insurance, you should still notify your car insurance company of the car theft. Doing so will help you offset any costs incurred by your vehicle in case a thief damages it or uses it for criminal activities.

2. Prepare all information

You can't just pick up your phone and tell your insurance company that your car has been stolen. You need to provide a lot of information for company records, so please have the following information ready:

Detailed description of the vehicle, including brand, model, color, mileage and any other related functions.

The place where you parked the car or saw it last time.

Certificate of ownership of your car.

Where did you put your spare key before the accident, and where is it now?

All personal belongings in your car.

A list of all persons who can use your keys or car.

If you rent a car, you may also need to provide details of the rental company and your account.

A copy of the police report.

3. Try to cooperate

Although insurance companies know that this will bring you pressure, they still need to do their job well. They may ask you to fill out a detailed questionnaire with all the information about your car and theft.

It's easy to get frustrated during this process, but you need to remember that cooperation is the only way to successfully file a claim. In this way, whether the police recover the vehicle or not, you can rest assured that you will bear the loss caused by the theft.