Do my home business need insurance?


Your entrepreneurial mentality and goal of becoming your own boss encourage you to start your own home business. Great-but what's next?

Provide insurance for your home business.

You may be surprised to find that family insurance does not cover most aspects of your business! For example, the technology and equipment involved in your business are not covered by your homeowner’s insurance.So, what are the different types of insurance options and coverage to choose from, and under what circumstances does your home business need them? Let us find out!

You need commercial property insurance, if...

You have electronic products at home, for example, a computer that stores business-related records

Furniture you use for commercial purposes

Other equipment, such as fax machines

This is essential because homeowners insurance does not cover the loss of equipment used for business purposes. Therefore, in the event of a disaster, any damage to your business-related items may result in significant economic losses.

You can also consider commercial crime insurance to protect your equipment from losses due to theft.

If... you need liability insurance

You have customers visiting your home business

You often receive business deliveries

Employees work in your business

In this case, liability insurance will cover any damage caused to those who visit your home. For example, if an employee accidentally hurts himself, this insurance will protect your business from liability.

If you are hiring employees in a home business, you may also want to learn about workers’ compensation insurance.

You need product liability insurance, if...

Your company produces products

Your business supplies products

Product liability insurance will protect your business from any damage (to personnel and property) caused by products related to your business.

Some home businesses that like insurance

You can analyze whether your particular business requires insurance, but here are four examples of businesses that like insurance policies:

Catering Services




So, does my home business need insurance?

Since there are many insurance options to choose from, it is best to develop a series of insurance policies for your home business.

These policies depend on the needs of your specific business. If you have difficulty selecting the right person, please contact your insurance provider for personalized help!